I'm Amy, an illustrator. My artwork is powered by a love creatures, color and dry media (pencils, pastels, pixels, and the perfect eraser). My style is bold realism on a flight of fancy.

Walks in the prairie and strolls in the forrest inspire me to create. Although, often it’s the great indoors of houseplants, pets, and the silly randomness of my children that spark something.

I work out of my suburban home studio paradise in Aurora, Illinois, where I live with my heroic husband who is a teacher, my dazzling daughter and super-duper son, and my courageous chihuahua.

When I’m not drawing, I am making up motherhood as I go, cooking vegetarian meals with lots of cheese to compensate, tending my indoor jungle of plants, making my best impression of a shutterbug, or reading some historical fiction about the real-life princesses of the British monarchy.